Grantee Spotlight

“I am deeply grateful to The Massage Therapy Foundation for believing in the power of massage to comfort the grieving and for supporting my efforts to provide Grief Massage to those in need. Our 2012 Community Service grant project touched the lives of many hurting people in Charlotte, providing physical comfort and solace. By supporting our project, The Massage Therapy Foundation has also dramatically increased public awareness of the benefits of Grief Massage. Massage therapists from across the nation have contacted me with interest in starting their own Grief Massage programs! By raising awareness and making Grief Massage accessible, I believe we can deeply impact the way our society cares for the grieving.” Aimee Joy Taylor, 2013 Community Service Grant Recipient

“With the grant that Free Fulfillment received, we were able to provide formerly incarcerated individuals the opportunity to experience massage. MTF understands what this work means to improve the quality of life in our communities.” -Mateen Flores, 2012 Community Service Grant Recipient.

View this video highlighting the project at Free Fulfillment.

“The Community Service Grant gave me the opportunity to combine many things that I value most: spirituality, sharing my massage skills, helping those in need, and having a positive impact on people. This grant allowed me the chance to also co-author a massage manual and to teach massage in Spanish. As a result of these experiences, many door have opened for me. I have been invited to teach massage in other countries such as Honduras, Mexico, and Chile. I have been able to offer individuals a valuable gift and in return, I have been enriched as I have connected on a deeper level with those that I have served.” -Nikki Nichols, LMP, RN, 1999 Community Service Grant Recipient.