Research Posters


Research Posters are a visual way to present research findings at a scientific or professional meeting.

The poster sessions at the annual AMTA National Convention are a showcase about massage research, education, and community service projects. The MTF encourages participation in this event to create a forum for informal discussion of research, and to provide attendees with the opportunity to learn how individual therapists have impacted their communities and advanced the profession.

Posters should include research findings, photographs, charts and diagrams, and are accompanied by an abstract. Abstracts for the AMTA National Convention are usually accepted between April and June annually for the fall meeting.

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Case reports make excellent research posters!

Take a look at our 5-part Case Report Webinar Series on how to write a case report: Part 4 focuses specifically on making a case report into a poster presentation.

Michael Hamm, Jerrilyn Cambron, and Kim Goral discuss the MTF Poster Sessions and what makes a good research poster!