Tim Veitzer Receives the Massage Therapy Foundation/Performance Health 2017 Humanitarian Award

Posted:Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) and Performance Health present its annual 2017 Humanitarian Award to Tim Veitzer, President and Co-owner of the National Holistic Institute (NHI).

Tim was honored for his efforts in embracing the power of massage and the mission of the Massage Therapy Foundation to promote education and research while serving others. Craig Hall, Director of Sales and Marketing/Massage & Spa, Performance Health, presented the award.

“Tim is deserving of the 2017 Humanitarian Award due to his contributions to this profession by making a difference in many people’s lives,” stated Jerrilyn Cambron, LMT, DC, MPH, PhD, Massage Therapy Foundation President. “Anyone who meets Tim can see his passion and dedication to advancing the massage therapy profession. Thank you, Tim, for sharing your knowledge, kindness, and generosity.”

“Tim helped set the standard for massage therapy education and is relentless in his advocacy for research in massage therapy and for those in need of the healing power of massage,” said Hall. “Tim arranged for the National Holistic Institute to donate Student Clinic revenue to the MTF and served on the Massage Therapy Foundation CEO Advisory Committee for many years.

“I was impressed when I heard that Tim enrolled in NHI’s program as a student when he first joined the organization. He explained that it was important to view the program from the student’s perspective in order to understand what is required to produce qualified, passionate massage therapists,” continued Hall. “I’m sure it must have been intimidating to be a teacher with your boss sitting in the class; but knowing Tim, I’m sure he made everyone around him relaxed and comfortable and provided the best possible experience for both the educator and the student.”

“I am honored to receive the Performance Health/Massage Therapy Foundation’s 2017 Humanitarian Award. Performance Health has long been a wonderful partner to NHI and the Foundation’s research has been critical to the massage therapy industry’s growth over the years,” said Veitzer. “I look forward to helping spread the word about the efficacy of massage therapy, how it can and should be a key part of any therapeutic and wellness regimen, and the great career one can have while helping others as a massage therapist.”

The Foundation thanks Performance Health for its generous donation of $2,500 in Veitzer’s honor.