Passion, Professionalism, Perseverance: AMTA-NE Celebrates 70 Years

Posted:Wednesday, May 19, 2021

By Becky Ohlson, MEd, ATC, LMT

This year, the AMTA-NE chapter is celebrating 70 years as a chapter! Our theme for this celebration is Passion, Professionalism, Perseverance: 70 years in the making.

As we look back in our history books, we read about those first pioneering members who set the standard high for both our future of the profession and for those receiving touch from our professionals. The Massage Therapy Foundation has just celebrated its 30 year anniversary; it, too, is the premiere organizations with passion, professionalism, and perseverance.  

Individually, massage therapists express our passion for our profession with each client/patient interaction as we listen to their needs and do our best to tailor our experience and techniques to the personal needs and health conditions of each client.

As situations arise, we may find ourselves needing to broaden or advance our knowledge in order to provide our best practice standards to our client’s needs. As healthcare professionals, we find it imperative to be an ongoing learner in order to remain current and evidence-informed; never stop learning!

Research is the gateway for how we stay current through that knowledge and how we treat our patients/clients on the treatment table. MTF provides that knowledge which advances our profession through many outlets!  We are thankful for all they do. To show our appreciation, we have incorporated a fundraiser into our annual event that supports our chapter’s theme.

In another 70 years, we want to ensure that the massage therapy industry is at the top of our game in healthcare as demand for our services will likely increase as more and more healthcare providers understand the benefits and positive outcomes of massage.