#RunningForResearch 2020: Monika Hill

Posted:Friday, January 10, 2020

I have always wanted to run the Boston Marathon, but my stand alone marathon times were too slow, putting the dream outside of my reach— or so I thought. This fall, I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime to run for Team MTF, raising funds for massage therapy research. I have run many marathons, but this one in particular holds deep personal meaning for me on many levels.

The last time I was in Boston, I was a spectator the year of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings and was a block and a half away.  My friend was running and came in 10 minutes before the bombs went off.  It was an experience beyond words and I haven’t been back since.  Given this great opportunity to run and raise money, I am ready to go back, face the past and at the same time, do it for a cause that is important to me.

As an athlete, I am a direct recipient of the benefits of research funded through the Massage Therapy Foundation. I have used massage therapy for many years (about 20) to help me maintain my body for the endurance sports I participate in. It is a much better option than popping a pain pill or anti-inflammatory which are too easily prescribed.  Without holistic options such as massage therapy, acupuncture, etc. I would not have such longevity in the endurance events that I participate in. Research has shown the beneficial effects massage therapy has on injury prevention and performance.

MTF education initiatives are also important as the more knowledgeable a therapist is about current research and body mechanics, the better care they are able to provide. There are a plethora of massage therapists out there, but those that have in-depth knowledge of athletes and truly understand the biomechanics and up to date techniques are few. I feel blessed to have found a therapist well-versed in current research.

For all that know me, I am not a big fund raising person. With that being said, I could not be more excited to give this challenge my all. I can’t say enough good things about MTF— without the benefits of massage, I would not be doing the athletics I do today. In 2020, I have a milestone birthday and plan to do it in style by setting a marathon PR personal record. I am so deeply grateful to all of those who are willing support me on this incredible journey. It means the world to know that you are cheering me on.

Please click here to support me as I run the Boston Marathon on April 20, 2020 to raise funds and awareness for the Massage Therapy Foundation

About MTF

The Massage Therapy Foundation is a 501(c)3 providing support to the massage therapy profession. Since 1990, MTF has provided over $1 million in research grants studying the science behind therapeutic massage. The Foundation founded and publishes an open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal and provides many educational resources for massage therapists, educators, and students. MTF provides community service grants to populations in need of therapeutic massage who would otherwise lack access. For more information, please visit www.massagetherapyfoundation.org.