Team MTF-Running for Research Spotlight: Vincent Dufort

Posted:Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We interviewed Team MTF runner Vincent DuFort to find out what drives him to run the 2017 Boston Marathon.

I understand that you have your PhD and are an LMT. What led you on the path to becoming a massage therapist?
I have always wanted to be in a helping profession. I decided against traditional medicine because I wanted to work more from the primary prevention angle, hence public health. It became evident quite soon that I wanted to work more closely with individuals. However, it took a few years before I wanted that badly enough to go back to school and get licensed as a bodyworker. Along the way, and before embarking on my massage therapy career, I continued to study complimentary medicine and behavioral health approaches. What I needed now, was a license to practice.

I understand that you are a co-owner of a massage therapy practice. Will it be difficult to train and maintain your clientele?
My business is actually focused in two distinct areas, floral design and healing arts. Being a recent graduate in massage therapy, I am still developing my niche. In the meantime, we are moving our business to a different town about 50 minutes from the original location, so few of the clients I have will be moving with me. The upside of this move is that I am partnering with a newly formed group of complimentary health practitioners and I trust that my clientele building will be easier from that perspective. We will still be running the floral design aspect of the business. However, my massage therapy business will probably no longer be within the floral studio.

Tell me what led you on the path to become a runner?
In my twenties, I was speaking with a friend who was involved in triathalons. I told him of an adventure that I had in college, which informed me of my inability to run. He said that I might be right, but then again, I may be wrong. He offered to take me on a little run and pace me. I was able to run over a mile continuously on that first try. I got excited and involved in races and winter running. Soon, life events pushed running out of the way. I came back to it eventually, and here I am today… training for my fourth marathon.

Why did you choose to run on behalf of the Foundation?
I can lay the blame for this entirely on the back of Massage Therapy Foundation Vice President, Cliff Korn. He saw me wearing a Boston Marathon jacket in Milwaukee last fall and suggested I try to run for the Foundation. I spoke with my chapter president to see if she thought it would be a good idea, and her enthusiasm set me going.

Boston will be your fourth marathon. Are you doing anything special in preparation for this historic event? I have hired a coach this time around. This takes all the guesswork out of it. I just try to run the runs he has set out for me.
How did you feel the moment you received the call that you have been selected to be a part of Team MTF – Running for Research? Yikes! I bet there were only four entrants.

Why are you passionate about raising funds for the Foundation? Have you set any personal fundraising goals?
I have set a goal of $15,000 for my goal. This is above the required minimum because I just want to do a little more. I have to say that initially I did not really understand how vital the Massage Therapy Foundation is to the profession of massage therapy. As I am learning more about the Foundation, I continue to be impressed on its professionalism and reach.

You are representing the Massage Therapy Foundation on April 17th, 2017 and running the experience of a lifetime! How is training going?
Training is going wonderfully. I have hired a coach to help me get faster and more consistent. It is difficult, running is hard. I am excited to be getting better and faster. I would love to qualify for running Boston during this run. I had wanted to qualify for Boston for some time now, and I am hopeful that everything is pointing to this possibility.

The Boston Marathon takes place on April 17th. You can read more about Vincent’s journey and support his efforts here.