Shared Therapy Spaces Make Practice Easier

Posted:Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Sponsored by Wellerz

To be sure, the last two years have been tricky and confusing for everyone, including for massage therapy professionals. 

In what seemed like an instant, the world shut down. Professionals with in-person services were out of business, with little to no options to move online. In the massage therapy world, there’s simply nothing that can replace in-person interactions in a professional setting.

Luckily, the world is starting to open up; and massage therapy sessions are in-person once again.

Wellness professionals are faced with difficult decisions as they move forward. Should you get a place full-time and sign a lease? How can I find a space that fits my needs but only when my clients and I need it? What if my space sits empty half of the week? Now, more than ever, these questions are relevant and important for massage practitioners who want to boost their professionalism and minimize costs.

One great, new opportunity is to share therapy spaces with those you can trust through

Wellerz is changing the way that space acquisition works. You know your needs. Maybe you only require a space for an hour here and an hour there. Or, you’re looking for a package deal. Wellerz gives you the flexibility and convenience of renting spaces from other therapists, just like you. The best part? You only pay for the time you need. No contracts, no obligations. It’s hassle-free. Wellerz was developed by practitioners for practitioners that fully understand their needs.

If you’re a massage therapist with free space to share, we’ve got you covered as well. We’ll help you rent out your space exactly when you want, to trusted therapists. Need your space back? No problem, flexibility is the name of the game.

When a massage therapist rents from another vetted therapist, there’s a sense of community and trust that can’t be found anywhere else.

Wellerz is proud to sponsor the Massage Therapy Foundation and believe in their mission.

We would love for you to consider new options and join the Wellerz community.