Foundational Insights

Learn more about the rich history of the Massage Therapy Foundation as MTF Past President Doug Nelson interviews leaders who have made a significant impact on MTF*. Exploring Foundational Insights is a great introductory experience for those who wish to volunteer at the Foundation and would like to learn more.

A Walk Back in Time with John Balletto:

Journey back to the late 1980s with John Balletto, BSc, LMT, CKTP, and learn how a sudden explosion of interest in therapeutic massage and subsequent increase in demand for qualified therapists helped lay the groundwork for a charitable foundation for the massage therapy profession:


Where the Path May Lead with Jerrilyn Cambron:

Hear from Jerrilyn Cambron, LMT, DC, MPH, PhD, as she reflects on how applying for an MTF Research Grant, as a researcher in the Chiropractic field, led her to pursue massage therapy education and ultimately become a Trustee, Committee member, and Past President of MTF:


The Start of IJTMB with Glenn Hymel:

How did the massage therapy profession come to have a free, open-access, peer-reviewed journal of its very own? Glenn Hymel, Ed.D, LMT recounts the impetus for MTF’s founding of The International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (IJTMB).

A Unique Mission with Sharon Marden Johnson:

What should a Foundation be? What should a Foundation do? Sharon Marden Johnson, LMT, NCTMB, describes the fascinating history of how MTF  honed in on the core principles of its mission.


Defining Research Goals with Janet Kahn

Janet Kahn, Phd, talks about the creation of the first Research Agenda for the massage therapy profession, how to bring research into entry-level curriculum, and about the importance of diverse choices in training for massage therapists.

*The views and opinions expressed in these interviews are those of the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Massage Therapy Foundation.