2016 International Massage Therapy Research Conference Breakout Sessions

Topic Category: Body Awareness

Learning Interceptive Awareness Skills in Bodywork Therapy: Results from Massage Therapists Process Evaluation, Cynthia Price, PhD, MA, LMP
Interceptive Awareness Among Women in Treatment for Chemical Dependency in Response to Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy, Cynthia Price, PhD, MA, LMP
Stories of People Living Well with Pain: What We Can Learn, Martha Brown Menard, LMT, PhD
The Effect of Massage Therapy to Control Night Shift Related Stress: A Pilot Prospective Randomized Crossover Trial, Mir Sohail Fazeli, MD, PhD

Topic Category: Defining Massage Therapy Practice

Clarifying Definitions for the Profession: The Results of the Massage Therapy Foundation’s Best Practices Symposium, Ann Blair Kennedy, MA, LMT, NCBTMC, DrPH
Process for Massage Therapy and Essential Assessment – Ann Blair Kennedy, MA, LMT, NCBTMB, DrPH
Assessing and Documenting Pain in Clinical Massage Therapy Practice – Virginia Cowen, PhD, LMT

Topic Category: Case Reports

Identifying Inconsistencies and Reporting in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (TMB) Case Reports by TMB Practitioners: A TMB Adapted Case Report (CARE) Guidelines Audit Through 2014 – Niki Munk, LMT, PhD
Immediate Effect of Therapeutic Massage on Pain Sensation and Unpleasantness: A Consecutive Case Series, Martha Brown Menard, LMT, PhD
Efficacy of Sustained Myofascial Release and Manual Lymphatic Facilitation for Temporary Palliation of of Acute Lupus Inflammations: A Case Report – Peter Smalley, MS, LMT
Massage with Mind-Body Interventions for Parkinson’s Disease: A Case Study – Rosi Goldsmith, BA, LMT

Topic Category: Massage for Movement

Development of Qualitative Gait Assessment Skills Module Using 3D Motion Capture Technology for Massage Therapy Students – Amanda Baskwill, MSc, Bed, RMT
Perceived Reduction in Pain in Susan Komen Race Participants Following 6-8 Minute Sports Massage by Massage Therapy Students – Gregory Patrick Casey, PhD, LMT
Effects of Deep Stripping Massage Combined with Eccentric Resistance on Quadriceps Pain Threshold, Peak Torque Angle, Strength, and Flexibility in University – Jeffery Forman, PhD, NCBTMB

Topic Category: Massage in Medical Settings

Massage Therapy Alone and in Combination with Meditation for Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Autologous Tissue Reconstruction: A Randomized Pilot Study – Liza Dion, BCTMB
The Benefits of Pediatric Massage in a Hospital Setting – Tim Cowen, LMT
Development of a Hospital-Based Massage Therapy Course in an Academic Medical Center- Liza Dion, BCTMB
Treating Individuals with Amputations in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Practice: A Qualitative Study – Sarah Shue and Niki Munk, LMT, PhD