Case Report Hub

“How do I get involved in research?”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at MTF. The short answer is that most therapists are already conducting research on a daily basis; asking clients questions about their symptoms, looking up information about different conditions, and trying out different techniques with varying levels of success.

The real question is, how do therapists share knowledge in order to help others? Unless you are already working within a large research institution (not the average MT!) the best way to begin sharing research insights with other therapists is through writing a case report. This page collects together all the resources you need to understand and undertake this endeavor.

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Learn more about MTF’s Case Report Contests! Hosted by MTF President Adrienne F. Asta, Robin Miccio, Susan Salvo, and Ruth Werner, this webinar reviews guidelines and expectations. Practitioners, students, and educators who are thinking about submitting this year or future years will learn more about the contest and process.

MTF/NCBTMB Free Research Webinar Series

Totally new to the world of research? We’ve got you covered! While not specifically focused on case reports, this webinar series explains vital concepts underpinning the world of research, making it a must-watch for those new to research.

Writing Case Reports: Free Five-Part Webinar Series

This five-part case report webinar series breaks down the most important elements of a good case report and walks you through the writing process, making it easy for you to write your own case report.

MTF Student & Practitioner Case Report Contests

Infographic: Road Map to a Case Report

A handy visual guide to the main components of a case report.

PDF With Links- Mapping a Case Report

PNG Image File- Mapping a Case Report

3x Word Printable- Mapping a Case Report

Research Perch Podcasts about Case Reports

Enjoy engaging podcast discussions of case reports published in our journal, IJTMB. Each podcast page links back to the original journal article, and may contain additional related materials including study questions, visual abstracts and/or poster.

Published Peer-Reviewed Case Studies from IJTMB

A list of case reports and case report-related poster abstracts published in MTF’s open-access, peer-reviewed journal, the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (IJTMB). Enter additional search terms in search bar to search for a specific condition.


Additional Resources

  • Adapted CARE Guidelines: Detailed information about how to structure your case report.
  • Research Tools: A list of links to helpful research-related resources across the web.
  • Research Posters: Poster archive including research posters from MTF’s annual Poster Session contest and posters presented at our triennial International Massage Therapist Research Conference (IMTRC), many of which describe case studies.
  • Research Infographics/Visual Abstracts: Research articles and case reports presented in engaging visual shorthand. Make an impact by sharing with friends, colleagues, and clients!