Poster session PDFs:

2019 IMTRC – Anderson, Robin

Improving Body Mechanics Using Experiential Learning and Ergonomic Tools in Massage Therapy Education

2019 IMTRC – Brennan, MK 

Competencies for Hospital Based Massage Therapy

2019 IMTRC – Byler Thomas, Robin

Partner Chair Massage: A Pilot Study of Feasibility, Acceptability, and Effect on Perinatal Mood, Anxiety, and Pain

2019 IMTRC – Dais, Julia 

Massage Therapy Students’ Perceptions of the Use of the Defense and Veteran’s Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS) to Monitor Client Pain

2019 IMTRC – Frey, Corrie 

Effects of Massage Therapy in a Pediatric Patient Undergoing Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation: A Case Report

2019 IMTRC – Groninger, Hunter 

“Hands-on” Palliative Care: Integrating Massage Therapy for Palliative Care Patients in Pain

2019 IMTRC – Jurbank, Jake 

Demographic and Utilization Trends of a Long-standing, Hospital-based Pediatric Massage Therapy Program

2019 IMTRC – Larson, Erika 

Perceptions of Research Massage Therapists Utilizing a Protocol Training and Assessment Model in a Randomized Controlled Trial

2019 IMTRC – Mitchinson, Allison 

An Observational Study of Massage in Women Veterans Attending a Women’s’ Health Clinic

2019 IMTRC – Sebers, Steve 

Clinical Record Keeping Quality Initiative for Massage Therapists

2019 IMTRC – Silliman Cohen_Massage and PT 

Massage and Physical Therapy: A Collaborative Approach to Patient Care in a Pediatric Oncology Clinic

2019 IMTRC – Silliman Cohen_Collaborative

Pediatric Massage Therapy in Oncology Clinic:Lessons Learned While Integrating into a Pre-existing Clinic Setting

2019 IMTRC – Van Trigt, Inge 

The Value of Medical Massage in Neurological Rehabilitation