Boston 2019: Elizabeth Cain

Posted:Tuesday, December 4, 2018

I am excited to run the Boston Marathon next April as a member of Team MTF– Running for Research. As a certified Massage Therapist in Carmel, IN, I help anyone from those with auto-immune disorders to athletes, and everyone in between. I am passionately certified in Advanced Cupping, The Graston Technique, and Bamboo-Fusion. Running is also a passion.

Two weeks after my first mini run in May of 2015, I was hospitalized for a week and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After a long six-month recovery, I started running again and trained for the Indy Mini as my one-year celebration of overcoming my first relapse.

Since then, my husband and I still run. We run for individuals who can’t, including other MS warriors and most importantly, my Grandmother Waterman who has Parkinson’s disease. Often my MS symptoms occur during my runs; but it’s nothing compared to those who can’t walk. Gladly taking my struggles and turning them into battles, I am an overcoming MS Warrior.

Running the Boston Marathon is an honor. I am running for the Massage Therapy Foundation, and for all of those who can’t run. MTF, MS Warriors, and Grandma… this is for you!  #MS #RunningForResearch

Please click here to support me as I run 26.2.