Massage Matters Giving Club

Massage research is key to moving our profession and your practice forward. Research consistently demonstrates the efficacy of massage and its broad ability to address clients’ needs. Quality studies help educate the public and other healthcare professionals about the therapeutic benefits of massage. The result is a synergy wherein clients request massage and other professionals refer their patients to you, thus growing your practice.

With your support, the Massage Therapy Foundation can continue to fund research that enables you to provide evidence-based care and advance the profession.

Join the Massage Matters Giving Club by donating a modest amount to the Massage Therapy Foundation on a monthly basis. Make a personal investment in the future of your profession and your practice by making massage research matter.

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Robin Anderson Cindy Gomez Robin Miccio
Adrienne Asta Tim Herbert Niki Munk
John Balletto Marla Hieger Douglas Nelson
Stacy Barden Maureen Hoock April Neufeld
Nestor Battung Joyce Inderkum Virginia Ohlson
Nick Bodkin Jane Irving Carole Osborne
Dana Bower Brent Jackson Louise Ott
Jeanne Brinkley Robert Jantsch Kathy Paholsky
William Brown Nicole Kassien Scott Raymond
Jerrilyn Cambron William Kennamore Sandra Reichard
Lauren Cates Jessica Kennon Angel Rivera
Chris Deery Cherie Kiesler Gina Simpson
Mandi Denning Cliff Korn Haru Smith
Donald Dillon Sarah Lashley Jeff Smoot
Sheela Eichhorn Sabrina Lopez Margaret Summerside
Jessica Ferrer Whitney Lowe Lisa Travis
Jeff Flom Ruth Marion Ruth Werner
Nina Cherie Franklin Simple Massage Jodi Wiley
Sandy Fritz Marlene Mayman
Bethany Gehrke Teri Mayo
Barbara Gitter Hanson Michael McAleese

“I have been a monthly donor since 2001. It is so easy to do…every month a small amount was automatically deducted from my checking account to help me meet my annual pledge to support the Foundation’s mission. As my practice matured, I was gradually able to increase my monthly donation that now equals the value of one massage per month. I am a proud member of the Massage Matters Giving Club and encourage everybody to join us!” – John Balletto, BSc, LMT, CKTP

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