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We invite you to join us in making research accessible to the massage and bodywork profession. With your help we can elevate the professional dialogue and stimulate a thought provoking exchange of insights and data.

Imagine the potential target market:

  • Global (world-wide-web)
  • Frequent and repeat visits (free, with all back issues accessible)
  • Practitioners eager for research and scholarly dialogue (articles about massage from a scientific point of view)

We are selling a select number of banner ads on the homepage of the e-journal to ensure that this is a viable project for many years to come. Lend your support early and often by purchasing quarterly or yearly banners. Show that you support the profession in its highest form.

2012 Advertising Rates

  • 12 Month Contract:         $1,250 US
  • Quarterly Contract:            $465 US

Banners will be rotated in a window above and/or below the journal’s website. No more than five banner ads will be rotated in any position. Click through rates will be tracked and reported quarterly.

The banner can be linked to your company’s website, giving you additional visibility of your company and products to the visitors of the journal’s website.

Banner Specifications

  • Full Banner Ads:   468w x 60h Pixels.
  • File Formats:   Static ads must be submitted as GIF, JPG, or PNG format.  Ads can also be created using Shockwave, or Java Applets.

Advertising Contact
Heather Shand, Project Manager
Multimed Inc.
66 Martin Street
Milton,ON L9T 2R2

Phone: (905) 875-2456
Fax: (905)875-2864