Plan Your Legacy

There are many ways to make a significant, long-lasting gift to the Massage Therapy Foundation which will provide resources to our research, education, and community service efforts for years to come

“I believe that we are scientifically proving that massage therapy works, although it’s been effective for 3,000 years, maybe longer. The Massage Therapy Foundation’s research is helping to show people that in a concrete way with scientific evidence. People need to hear that message now and in the future. In order to help facilitate future generations of massage therapists to benefit from this type of research and MTF to continue its mission for years to come, I’ve added MTF to my estate planning.”

-Duffy Violante, MTF Legacy Society Donor

“As massage therapists, we experience and observe the significant benefits of massage therapy as we work with our clients. However, more and more, the public wants to see science-based data to validate the benefits of massage therapy and other available treatments. Similarly, the medical community may be more willing to routinely include massage therapy in patient treatment plans once quality research-based data is more readily available.

I have chosen to advance this effort by including the Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) in my estate allocations. Contributing to the MTF is one of the best ways I know to support this important research and get such valuable information out to the public.”

-Brenda L. Griffith, MTF Legacy Society Donor

Direct Donation

Monetary gifts are the simplest way to make an immediate impact on a particular program or effort at the MTF. A contribution of cash to the MTF is tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and can be specifically designated to one or more our Research, Education or Community Service initiatives. Gifts of cash can be made through your will by inserting some simple language (see Gifts by Bequest).

Gifts of Securities

A gift of appreciated stocks or bonds is another way to make an immediate impact on the MTF. Your contribution will help you avoid any tax on capital gains and you are able to deduct the full fair market value of long-term appreciated securities. Gifts of appreciated stocks or bonds can also be made through your will by inserting some simple language (see Gifts by Bequest).

Gift of Life Insurance

At some point your life insurance policies might not be as necessary as they were before, in that case you could make MTF the beneficiary of the policy or the owner of the policy, depending on what makes more sense for you financially.

Gifts by Bequest

The easiest and most common way to make a legacy gift to the MTF is through a bequest in your will. Bequests of any amount come “off the top” off your taxable estate and tax laws provide an unlimited charitable deduction for them. You may include the MTF as a bequest in your will by using any of the following language:

I give ____ % of my estate to the Massage Therapy Foundation.
I give the remainder of my estate to the Massage Therapy Foundation.
I give $____ to the Massage Therapy Foundation.

To assure that the MTF will benefit, a copy of the provision should be provided to the Foundation.

Charitable Annuities and Trusts

Annuities and Trusts allow you to make legacy gifts to the MTF now and receive immediate tax benefits and regular income for you and your spouse for the remainder of your life. There are many variations of these annuities and trusts which allow you to choose what is best for you.

Beneficiary Designations of IRAs & Other Qualified Plans

Another way to leave a legacy gift is to designate the MTF as a beneficiary to your IRA and other tax qualified retirement plans, paid upon the death of the owner. This method of donating helps the donor avoid estate tax on the amount of the donation as well as the income tax that would have been charged if paid to the individual.

The MTF suggests all individuals interested in providing a planned gift also consult with your accountant, tax attorney, or financial advisor to select the best options for your situation. Any additional questions and information about a future gift can be directed to:

Gini Ohlson
Executive Director
Massage Therapy Foundation
500 Davis Street, Suite 950
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 905-1635
TAX ID# 36-3735393