2021 #RunningForResearch: Oliver Layco

Posted:Tuesday, May 18, 2021

By Oliver Layco

My dream of running Boston and being a charity runner for the Massage Therapy Foundation was waylaid when the 124th Boston Marathon was cancelled due to COVID-19. I recently got the word that the race is on for October 11, 2021 and I could not be more excited!

I think “adjustments” would be an appropriate word for 2020 and even 2021. Being told whether you’re able to work or not and that constant back and forth as restrictions get put in place, lifted, and put back again; with all that, hopefully people we’re able to find a constant to keep grounded. Through it all, self-care has become the name of the game as we all tried to keep our mental and physical health in check.

Running has been my go-to for self-care; and I’ve been able to fine tune it this past year. This includes everything from the stretches, foam rolling, hydration, and the list goes on. Self-massage is something I haven’t been the best at, but it has become an even greater part of my routine now. I’ve have been taking care of my body so I could be ready whenever the email came in letting me know that that in-person racing is back.

Building my base again will probably be the hardest part; but I’m giving myself until July before really begin packing in the miles. I’m also happy to see my fellow therapists’ work schedules filling up. We’ve all had a rocky past year; and it’s good to see massage therapists back to work again.

It has been tricky trying to find time to get myself on another therapists table since we’re all fairly busy again. Finding that balance between massaging, training, and taking care of my body will be a good challenge. I can’t wait to start the whole process; boarding my flight, wandering the expo halls and picking up my bib, riding the bus to the start line, and culminating with another medal around my neck. There’s not a more perfect race to do it at than the legendary Boston Marathon.

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