2022 #RunningForResearch: Nancy Anderson Dollinger

Posted:Sunday, January 30, 2022

Hi, this is Nancy Anderson Dollinger. I live in North Dakota with my husband Kelly.  I believe life really starts after 50, well it did for me anyway. That’s when I started running to deal with stress in my life. My first race was a relay marathon and I realized how much I loved running. When I run I forget all my problems and just focus on the run. I thank God for every part of my body, especially the parts that are screaming at me. By the time the run is over I am smiling from ear to ear … because I am doing it.

I had always thought I would be good at massage, so when things in my world changed in 2018, I quit my job of 15 years and moved to Missouri to go to massage school. I moved back to ND in 2019 and have worked for Active Life Chiropractic ever since. I love all my clients and am always doing what I can to help them. Thanks to the Massage Therapy Foundation for the research they do to help us as therapists to constantly improve our knowledge and skills.

Combining both of my passions of running and massage therapy, I am running in the 2022 Boston Marathon® to fundraise for the Massage Therapy Foundation.

Thanks, too, to John Hancock for the charity bib as part of John Hancock’s Marathon Non-Profit Program!

I appreciate any support you may be able to offer!