The Joy of Giving, the Beauty of Sharing

Posted:Thursday, July 27, 2023

By Adrienne F. Asta, BA, LMT

There is something truly magical about giving. It fills my heart with immense joy, bringing a sense of fulfillment that is hard to put into words. The act of giving is so deeply ingrained in my nature that when circumstances prevent me from doing so, I feel a subtle discomfort within me.

Of course, it’s important to recognize that our resources, whether it’s time, effort, or finances, have limits. Despite my sincere desire to make them infinite, I understand that I can’t do it all on my own. As a wellness expert, I have come to appreciate the significance of community and collaboration in the sharing of ideas and resources.

I’d like to rally support for the cause that means the world to me. I am not asking you to put any burden on you to carve out more time from your already busy schedule and other demanding tasks that may divert attention from the joy of your work.

Fortunately, I learned about a perfect solution that I’d like to share with you. It’s easy through my online scheduling software. Whenever my clients book appointments, they are introduced to the reasons why I wholeheartedly support the Massage Therapy Foundation. I take a moment to share how the valuable resources provided by MTF have enriched my practice, enabling me to offer the highest level of service to my clients. I mention that I contribute a portion of my proceeds and kindly suggest that even a small additional donation, starting from just one dollar, can make a tremendous impact on the advancements that enhance the quality of service provided.

To make it easier for my clients, I have created optional add-on services with donation amounts of $1, $3, $5, and $10. This way, they can choose to contribute if they feel inclined, without any awkwardness or pressure for them or for me. It’s important to remember that not everyone will be in a position to give, and that’s absolutely okay. The goal is to strengthen our collective ecosystem without burdening any individual part of it.

Together, we can create a ripple effect of positivity and transformation. By embracing the joy of giving and the beauty of sharing, we can make a significant difference in the world. So, if you have the capacity to give and if you have the capacity to ask your clients to give, I invite you to join me in supporting this remarkable cause.

Together, let’s bring about exceptional service and advancements that will benefit us all. Your contribution, no matter the amount, has the power to create lasting change. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.

Check out Adrienne’s walk-through of scheduling software donation setup below:

See below for the quote from Adrienne’s website, which can be used to inform clients of the value of their contributions. Please feel free to use and share!

A portion of the proceeds of your massage goes to the Massage Therapy Foundation, a non-profit organization funding research, elevating education, and supporting community service projects for those who can benefit from massage but don’t have access. MTF provides me with the resources to keep current with my industry so I can provide you the most informed treatment possible. Donating just $1 extra to your massage can have a huge impact on the advancement of massage treatments. Would you consider being a part of that progress?