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Posted:Thursday, December 15, 2022

By Marshall Dahneke

Over 2,000 years ago Plato stated, “our need will be the real creator,” and this phrase has morphed over time into the proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” We have all experienced necessity at some point; facing a problem, we search for solutions and whether we invent something new or simply discover or modify something that exists, “eureka,” we find our path forward. Discovery feels great and our lives are forever improved with new insight as well as a broader solution set.

Each time we are thrust into a new scenario, maybe as a first-time college student, parent, practicing MT, or endurance runner, unanticipated challenges emerge that we did not know even existed. This has been true for me as I embarked on running marathons and prepping for the 2023 Boston Marathon. The training process has challenged my body and mind in new ways, forcing me to explore, learn, and embrace a few, “eureka,” moments of discovering a solution for my new problem!

Who knew that there was so much to learn in becoming an endurance runner besides lacing up and heading out? I have learned about running form, breathing techniques, warm up and cool down strategies, fueling, and the list goes on. Since I am approaching 60, my greatest exploration and discovery areas have been with pain prevention and management.

A conundrum I have increasingly struggled with are foot and calf muscle spasms and cramping after long runs, especially after a marathon. I have posted multiple times about the accelerated recovery I receive from a post-race massage. That treatment allows me to get back to normal so much faster! HOWEVER, what I have not shared is a painful part of these massages—muscle spasms and cramps that flare up in my feet and calves. The therapist will be working away and all of a sudden I’m in agony for a reason entirely out of their control.

I discovered an amazing tool that helps to reduce my muscle spasms and cramps: DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter. DR-HO’S is a generous sponsor of The Jacquelyn Project and a strong supporter of the Massage Therapy Foundation. They kindly provided me with several of their recovery products as part of their sponsorship to help me prepare for Boston. I had not previously been a fan of electronic stimulation devices, and used the Circulation Promoter Pro sparingly during the early months, yet did not appreciate the positive impact and effectiveness of this unique device on my legs until I started running marathons!

To satisfy your high-level clinical questions, DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter is a FDA-cleared medical device for pain relief at home and is designed with a proprietary combination of four powerful pain relief technologies in one easy-to-use device (place your feet and turn it on). The Circulation Promoter stimulates my leg and foot nerves and muscles in a way that helps to relax my spasms and avoid painful cramping—while also increasing blood circulation and helping to relieve pain. The Circulation Promoter Pro is the only device that now sits under my desk where I can conveniently complete a simple 20-minute cycle everyday to control my spasms and even reduce my delayed onset muscle soreness from workouts. During the cycle, I feel a soothing tingling sensation as my muscles gently contract and relax in response to the stimulus—a feeling similar to a gentle lower-extremity massage.

Do you or any of your clients struggle with lower extremity pain? As you well know, about 40% of the US adult population is afflicted with chronic pain and I’m betting that a good number of your clients seek your healing hands to help alleviate their unique challenges, including distance runners. Dr. Ho, a successful Doctor of Chiropractic, developed a full range of pain management devices to help his patients better address pain between their office visits.

In addition to DR-HO’S generous contribution that will help to fund multiple MTF Community Service Grants supporting breast cancer, they have also provided a promo code (JACQ10) that offers you and your clients a 10% discount off of regular pricing across their entire online catalog. Please explore and discover your own unique solutions with DR-HO’S products. They offer a 90-day money back guarantee. I am so grateful for DR-HO’S sponsorship of The Jacquelyn Project!

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