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Posted:Wednesday, March 22, 2023

By Marshall Dahneke

Our world is full of trade-offs. Not too long ago I purchased paper towels and toilet tissue made from 100% recycled materials in an effort to reduce my burden on our environment. While these products offer attractive long-term benefits, they fell well short of desired quality. Have you noticed that too many products and services seem to excel in certain attributes while falling short in others? I introduced this trade-off in last month’s blog highlighting how I am always in search of brands that offer it all, delivering happy now and happy later!

The more I contemplate the compounding benefits of happy now and happy later, especially in the context of the wellness topics I have been sharing, I realize that my fundamental aspiration is for happy now and healthy later. I search for and embrace brands that meet current wants and needs really well while contributing to (or at least not detracting from) longer-term health and wellness. Prioritizing both now and later reveals how hard this balance can be. Enjoying too many sugary desserts may provide immediate pleasure while expanding our waistline, leading to adverse health consequences. Consuming more kale may offer longevity and strength with an accompanying bitter aftertaste.

Following my daughter’s unexpected cancer diagnosis, she cut many items from her daily regimen. We began carefully reading labels. February’s blog introduced my newfound awareness of and sensitivity to anything and everything that I put into and onto my body. “Clean” eating ensures our bodies receive needed daily nutrients while avoiding items that can cause or feed cancer cells. “Clean” ingredients in topical products are natural and healthy. For me, cleaner means safer, healthier.

HawkGrips is an example of a company very focused on bringing highly effective products to market that check the ‘happy now’ box while being focused on ingredients that contribute to ‘healthy later’. HawkGrips recently introduced an excellent manual therapy Professional Massage Cream. Since massage therapists use their hands to apply products on clients over and over again, day after day, this formulation focused not only on optimal glide and drag but equally on ensuring that what is being absorbed into people’s bodies is safe. This massage cream is formulated with both the therapist and client in mind, emphasizing clean ingredients and avoiding harmful, man-made chemicals, while delivering excellent feel and performance. This cream even nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Not surprisingly, HawkGrips’ focus on happy now and healthy later is not limited to one product. Their emollients are ideal to use with HawkGrips IASTM therapy (and even as a personal anti-chafe product – yes, I’m speaking from experience). Like the massage cream, their emollients feature clean ingredients.

You need professional massage therapy products for your daily work, ideally a brand that meets your immediate performance needs while ensuring a very natural, clean and safe formulation. I invite you to compare the labels and give HawkGrips a trial!

Many HawkGrips products are also available from Massage Warehouse, another generous sponsor of The Jacquelyn Project and a company committed to enhancing wellness. Massage Warehouse supports massage therapists with an extensive portfolio of products and supplies and by providing the latest industry trends and the newest products and knowledge.

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