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Posted:Thursday, November 17, 2022


By Marshall Dahneke

Fair warning was provided—building cardio-pulmonary capacity would be easiest; muscle strength and endurance would follow. But, “infrastructure,” –joints, bones, ligaments, tendons– these take the longest to adapt to the stresses of endurance training due to limited blood flow. Within six to 12 months of initiating endurance training it’s fairly common for injuries to emerge like stress fractures, tendinitis, or sprains.

So here I am, a 58-year old guy off the couch pushing physical boundaries for the first time in a very long time. My cardio and leg strength have never been better. I’m about to need fingers on a second hand to count up my nagging “infrastructure” injuries, however. Some days I spend more time on treatment and recovery than I do on training. Thank goodness for interventions that assist with prevention, faster recovery, and accelerated healing, allowing me to continue training rather than be sidelined, especially with brands that are generous sponsors of The Jacquelyn Project, contributing to, “Running for Cancer Relief,” (with all proceeds going to the Massage Therapy Foundation).


There was a time I did not understand the fundamental importance of proper arch support and postural alignment. Yet safe and effective walking and running form begins with our foundation – the foot and arch. There is a reason that PowerStep is the #1 Podiatrist-recommended brand of prefabricated orthotics and known for pain relief and prevention. PowerStep stabilizes the arch, promoting proper alignment and support for our joints. It’s natural to assume that a foot product addresses only foot issues, helping to prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis. Yet proper support and alignment prevents other potential injuries throughout the postural chain, helping to protect the ankle, knee, hip, and even lower back. My paradigm shift with foot orthotics was realizing that my knee or back pain may well be coming from inadequate foot arch support.

I vividly remember a Spring 2022 physical therapy appointment with video gait analysis to gauge my running form and determine if I needed to modify my running dynamics. After a positive conclusion the PT thought to ask, specifically by name, if I had PowerStep orthotics in my running shoes. When I responded yes, he wondered whether his analysis was appropriate given the “supportive correction” I was receiving. Once he realized I always wear PowerSteps, including my slippers, he knew I was safe.

Core Products International:

Core Products has a wide range of relevant product interventions, from massagers to cold packs to sleep aids to braces and supports. Just as PowerStep helps me to maintain proper form while vertical, Core’s cervical pillow helps me to ensure proper alignment while horizontal. Both PowerStep and Core’s patella straps evenly and comfortably spread pressure on my knee tendon to reduce pain and allow ongoing training.

Core’s Jeanie Rub Massager® provides a soothing yet penetrating massage that helps reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle tension. After a long run, this device helps stimulate my blood flow to assist in the recovery of sore and tired muscles. I’ve learned that adding the Jeanie Rub Massager to my pre-workout routine increases muscle elasticity, helping to prevent training injuries.

Core’s Soft Comfort CorPaks™ (Hot/Cold Therapy Packs) are a great solution to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation associated with strains, sprains, and other soft tissue (aka, “infrastructure”) injuries. I have CorPaks in the freezer for cold therapy whenever needed – which is daily! Unlike most, these packs stay soft and flexible, easily contouring to painful areas. I use them cold to help reduce inflammation but one can also warm packs in the microwave to aid muscle relaxation for healing.

Both PowerStep and Core Product’s brands are available from specialty suppliers like Massage Warehouse, another generous sponsor of The Jacquelyn Project benefitting the Massage Therapy Foundation. Massage Warehouse is focused exclusively on supporting massage therapists by providing an extensive portfolio of supplies complemented by the latest industry trends and the newest products. Massage Warehouse is not just a “store” that sells massage products; they are a partner that supports the massage profession.

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