Indiana University Study: MT Client 2020 Pandemic Survey [Research Perch]

Posted:Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Contribute to research while connecting with your clients during the COVID-19 pandemic— whether or not they are visiting your practice.

In this episode of Research Perch, host Doug Nelson welcomes Dr. Niki Munk, Associate Professor at Indiana University (IU) School of Health and Human Sciences, and IU student, Board-Certified massage therapist Mica Rosenow, to discuss the currently ongoing research project, Assessing Affective Measures in the 2020 Pandemic, and how you can be a part of the study.

This project aims to describe the affective characteristics (emotions and mood) of all types of massage therapy clients during the 2020 pandemic, including those who previously received massage but halted due to pandemic concerns, those who began receiving massage for the first time during the pandemic, and those who continued massage therapy sessions during the pandemic. Survey results from this study will then be used to provide valuable data that can be used to develop hypotheses for further study. Data collection concluded at the end of March 2021. We hope you got a chance to use the survey as an opportunity to reach out to clients and be a part of research!

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