New For Educators: Instructional Materials for the Online Classroom

Posted:Wednesday, August 26, 2020

School is back in session! As this year’s massage therapy instructors head back to a very different classroom environment, we wanted to make you aware of the free resources for educators available from the Massage Therapy Foundation, and introduce you to a brand-new resource: Instructional Materials for the Online Classroom.

MTF eBooks, webinars, Research Perch podcast episodes, and case report hub, have always provided great material to base lesson plans upon. Our new Instructional Materials for the Online Classroom take lesson planning a step further, providing all-inclusive detailed instructions for teachers and students. Each set of instructional materials will be associated with an episode of Research Perch discussing a massage therapy research article. The materials include an Instructor’s Guide to using the materials, PowerPoint presentations, games, and review questions suitable for use in-person or online learning.

Our thanks go to MTF Vice President and award-winning educator, Brent Jackson, M.Ed., BS, LMT, for putting together our first set of instructional materials, based on the Research Perch episode, MT Restores Peripheral Vascular Function Following Exertion. Click on the link below to access the materials for this episode.


We look forward to adding similar instructional materials to additional Research Perch episodes in the near future. You may easily view a listing of all Research Perch episodes and their associated materials and features at our List of Research Perch Blog Posts. We also would love to hear your feedback on using MTF materials in your online classroom. Please email us anytime at with your suggestions and comments.