All Hands (and Feet) On Deck for Massage!

Posted:Monday, August 15, 2022

By Marshall Dahneke

Life can be full of surprises! Like disliking running for 55 years … and then embracing it as one of my new best friends. Who knew that something so difficult could also be enjoyable and rewarding?

After 10 years at the helm of Performance Health (with brands including Bon Vital, Biofreeze, and Theraband), I stepped aside to focus on family. Then, following a different kind of surprise with my daughter recently passing from breast cancer, I felt guided to do something that honors her legacy and benefits others. I have always admired the heart and soul of massage therapy – my favorite of all the professions we served at Performance Health! And given my new-found love of running and the Massage Therapy Foundation’s history with the Boston Marathon, and their desire to fund community service grants that support breast cancer patients, everything came together for me to merge these things that I love by running the 2023 Boston Marathon for the The Jacquelyn Project. With the expert guidance of Lynda Solien-Wolfe and many others, we have initiated a campaign partnering with sponsoring brands with all proceeds benefiting the MTF.

I miss my beautiful daughter every day and The Jacquelyn Project is a way to have her legacy continue to shine on other people’s lives. Sometimes when I run I seem to feel her at my side. I invite you to join us on this journey … all the way to that finish line on Boylston Street!

Let’s come together to make this profession even stronger. After all, it’s your healing hands that make such a difference in people’s lives every day so my feet can handle 55,000 steps in one race for you … with Jacquelyn at my side! All hands and feet on deck for Massage!

My future monthly blogs will offer deeper insight into each of our generous and committed brand sponsors and how they work hard every day to support you and your clients. Please embrace them as they support us!



Marshall Dahneke is the grateful husband of Michelle and proud father of six wonderful children, a lover of massage, former CEO of Performance Health, 2016 Massage Hall of Fame inductee, and aspiring endurance athlete finding his way to a better way of life.