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Posted:Thursday, October 27, 2022

By Marshall Dahneke

Last year after progressing with 5 and 10Ks, I wondered if I could successfully run a half marathon. So I signed up for two and started to increase my mileage in preparation. While I successfully completed both races, it was also the introduction of some chronic tendinitis for me. I even stopped running for about six weeks in late 2021 to give my body some rest and recovery … before I started to slowly ramp up training for the next challenge – my first full marathon and qualifying for Boston.

Pain from running injuries has been a constant companion as the miles have increased. Much of my focus has transitioned to injury treatment and pain management in order to continue improving my fitness level, despite the aches and issues. Massage therapy is at the core of my pain intervention! I receive routine treatments and have developed a high level of trust with my primary therapist. I ALWAYS schedule a massage before every race to ensure my body is in its best form … and a recovery massage a few hours after every race to accelerate recovery and reduce pain. Massage is one of my secret weapons – that I wish were not quite so secret! Every runner, endurance athlete, and human that suffers pain deserves the benefit of hands-on treatment from an experienced therapist. For me it makes such a big difference!

Just as massage is a critical tool in my arsenal to achieve my best, massage therapists need to use the best ‘tools’ that enable them to deliver the best treatments. One of the generous sponsors of The Jacquelyn Project supporting the Massage Therapy Foundation is the Heidenberger family who has recently introduced two new brands supporting MTs in delivering the best possible relief and benefit to their clients: the PURA Wellness brand of professional massage therapy modality products and the CBD Therareleaf brand of CBD-enhanced pain relief analgesics. Please consider supporting those who support us by giving these new brands a trial and see for yourself!

The PURA Wellness brand offers a complete line of professional massage therapy products for every modality. Naturally enriched with superior ingredients, PURA Wellness massage creams, lotions, oils, and gels are exceptional choices for healthy skin. Personally, I am extremely selective about what I put in and on my body after watching cancer ravage my daughter and take her life. I am drawn to natural, organic, and clean ingredients.

The CBD TheraReleaf brand (the rare leaf) is a complete line of Professional Extra Strength pain relief topical analgesics “Powered by Science!” All CBD TheraReleaf products contain 1,000 mg CBD Certified Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract combined with additional topical analgesic active ingredients. This lineup is formulated to deliver relief to sore muscles and joints, simple backache, arthritis, bruises, cramps, strains, and sprains. These products are intended for authorized sale through hands-on Health & Wellness Professionals only and are great for at-home use between therapy treatments.

These two new brands are only available from specialty suppliers like Massage Warehouse, another generous sponsor of The Jacquelyn Project and long-time supporter of the Massage Therapy Foundation. Focused on supporting massage therapists by providing an extensive portfolio of supplies complemented by the latest industry trends and the newest products, Massage Warehouse offers knowledgeable and experienced support teams, free access to massage treatment guides and popular massage topics, as well as a Price Match Guarantee. Massage Warehouse is not just a “store” that sells massage products; they are a partner that supports the massage profession.

Visit The Jacquelyn Project’s home page for an overview of the project, sponsor highlights and a donation link.

Learn more about Massage Heights (TJP Gold Sponsor) and Pura Wellness (TJP Silver Sponsor), both proud Sponsors of The Jacquelyn Project:

(Above) Marshall Dahneke checks in post massage with Andrea from Massage Heights to learn more about Pura Wellness Arnica Therapy Massage Lotion.


(Above) CG Funk visits the Massage Heights Addison location to speak with their Retreat Director, Tiffany, about Pura Wellness massage lotion.