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Posted:Friday, February 24, 2023

By Marshall Dahneke

We are bombarded with information. As a coping mechanism, we skim, filter and block the majority of detail that passes before us as we lack the capacity to ‘double click’ on every topic. Yet, as our life circumstances evolve, we often find ourselves drilling deeply into subject matter that we previously ignored.

I found myself in this situation the summer of 2015 when my then 26-year-old daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. We all have some awareness of cancer but there is nothing like this devastating diagnosis striking so close to motivate deeper engagement. And roughly three-and-a-half years later when the cancer came raging back, I doubled down further. After plenty of study and professional guidance, my daughter made quite a few fundamental lifestyle adjustments and, in the spirit of solidarity, I volunteered to walk her path and make those same lifestyle changes. She and I cut many items from our diet while adding many new ones. We began carefully reading labels. I had no idea how many ‘mainstream’ things I had been putting into and onto my body that were so questionable.

While my daughter’s outcome was not what any of us had hoped for and we continue to grieve, the lifestyle changes she motivated were transformational for me. I lost well over 80 pounds and became much fitter through regular exercise. I focused on receiving at least eight hours of nightly sleep. And  I’ve paid much greater attention to anything and everything that I put into and onto my body. “Clean” eating ensures our bodies receive needed daily nutrients while avoiding others that cause or feed cancer cells. “Clean” ingredients are more natural and not highly processed. For me, cleaner means safer. As I now examine labels, these are personal investment opportunities for me … looking for what will make me happy now as well as happy later. Happy now might include effective, tasty, filling. Happy later includes clean, safe, natural, healthy. I constantly hope for products that accomplish both – happy now and happy later!

As the former CEO of Performance Health, I have long been aware of the health benefits of topical analgesics. The better products are faster acting than any oral analgesic. And topicals don’t have the same negative systemic side effects as oral analgesics. Long ago I mostly stopped using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in favor of much safer topicals.  Since my transformational insights gained through my daughter’s cancer journey, I no longer look upon topical analgesics as equally effective and clean.

There is a reason that I, with so much past experience with leading topical analgesics, reached out to a smaller brand called Dr. Hoy’s Natural Pain Relief to partner with me on this journey. Why? While being every bit as effective against pain (and having the natural companion Arnica Boost product that layers so nicely), in my experience, Dr. Hoy’s provides the cleaner, safer, more natural formulation. Dr. Hoy’s Natural Pain Relief is one of those great product discoveries that delivers happy now (with fast-acting and effective pain relief) as well as happy later (the confidence of knowing this is a natural, safe and clean formulation without man-made ingredients).

I was using Dr. Hoy’s well before I began The Jacquelyn Project and was so pleased when they agreed to sponsor this journey … so that I could recommend, without any hesitation! I invite you to do what I did – compare the labels and give Dr. Hoy’s a try.

Dr. Hoy’s Natural Pain Relief and Arnica Boost are also available from Massage Warehouse, another generous sponsor of The Jacquelyn Project and a company committed to enhancing wellness. Massage Warehouse supports massage therapists with an extensive portfolio of products and supplies and by providing the latest industry trends and the newest products and knowledge.

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