Boston Marathon

The Massage Therapy Foundation is excited to be fundraising in the 2019 Boston Marathon John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program.
 This is the seventh consecutive year that we have participated in this prestigious program. Four runners have been selected to join Team MTF—Running for Research and run in the 123rd Boston Marathon on April 15, 2019.

Congratulations to this year’s #RunningForResearch team:

The Boston Marathon ®  is the world’s oldest annual marathon and running it is a major “bucket list” item for serious distance runners throughout the world. The John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program provides a way for runners who might not otherwise qualify to run this marathon to participate. John Hancock has been the principal sponsor of the Boston Marathon for over 30 years. Since 2013 the Massage Therapy Foundation has been grateful for the opportunity to participate in their charity program to bring more awareness to the benefits of massage. Fundraising for the Massage Therapy Foundation advances the knowledge and practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education and community service.

“Self-care is absolutely critical and is at the heart of my training and recovery regimens. Massage therapy is a big part of my routine, along with physical therapy and a wholesome diet. Training for long distances is a difficult endeavor; and massage therapy helps me prepare, recover, and reset physically and mentally. It also helps me get the good night’s sleep that I need to give it myall.”

-Desi Linden, 2018 Boston Marathon Champion and two-time Olympian

Past Team MTF—Running for Research Champions

2018 Team MTF—Running for Research – Raised $64,789
Lindsay Bodkin (NY)
Desiree Bourgois van Oosting (ND)
Shadonne Harris (MD)
Teresa Matthews (FL)





2017 Team MTF—Running for Research – Raised $61,190
Christine Bailor – Goodlander (NY)
Vincent Dufort (NH)
Jodi Newman (CO)
Collette Wilson (KY)


2016 Team MTF—Running for Research – Raised $45,833
Nicole Bucar (OH)
Marcy Cook (NC)
David Otto (NV)




2015 Team MTF—Running for Research – Raised $43,200
John Combe (OR)
Nathan Nordstrom (WA)
Angie Parris-Raney (CO)




2014 Team MTF—Running for Research – Raised $60,510
Kathy Laskye (CO)
Kristen Lutz (MA)
Karen Moers (FL)
The 2013 Team also got the chance to run in the 2014 race due to the unfortunate happenings in 2013.


2013 Team MTF—Running for Research – Raised $51,295
Kathy Borsuk (NJ)
Tom Heidenberger (WI)
Les Sweeney (CO)



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