The Jacquelyn Project

Raising funds for breast cancer-related MTF Community Service projects

The Jacquelyn Project honors Jacquelyn (Dahneke) Penrose’s life and legacy while raising funds for the Massage Therapy Foundation through her father, Marshall Dahneke, running the April 2023 Boston Marathon.

From Marshall: “Jacquelyn (Dahneke) Penrose passed away in February 2022 from metastatic breast cancer after years of surviving this terrible disease. She was and is a beautiful person and left a wonderful legacy during her too-short 32-year mortal life span. She was the first runner in our family, setting the standard for the rest of us to follow. She certainly loved massage when she was able to enjoy the benefits! In Jacquelyn’s honor, I have qualified for and will run the 2023 Boston Marathon to raise funds for the Massage Therapy Foundation (a 501 c3 non-profit) which advances massage research, education, and supports targeted community service project, including to aid those suffering from breast cancer. Please join me on this journey to remember Jacquelyn and do further good in her name and legacy!”

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Do you work for an organization providing MT to cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, or healthcare professionals? Through the generosity of The Jacquelyn Project special fundraising initiative, funds are now available to support this important work. Grant applications open in late fall with late spring deadline TBA. Click here to learn more about MTF Community Service Grants and how you can apply.

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